CNN based vision system , Industrial Handheld Datalogger

Compact Vision System for Industrial Handheld Datalogger

Explore how Vadzo Imaging offers camera solutions for handheld industrial data collectors. 

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High Resolution Vision System for Fundus Camera Application

Learn how Vadzo Imaging cameras serve the eye-care diagnostics application areas.

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Our Products

Embedded vision is at your fingertips with Vadzo Imaging!   

Vadzo Imaging has a rich and diverse off-the-shelf camera portfolio comprising of USB 3.0 Cameras, USB 2.0 Cameras, MIPI Cameras and Parallel Cameras.
Additionally, Vadzo Imaging also offers customization services to support new sensors as well as additional interfaces to achieve FPD Link III Cameras, GMSL2.0 Cameras, WIFI Cameras and PoE Cameras.
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Solutions we serve

Vadzo Imaging offers ready to deploy embedded cameras to cater to vision requirements across many industries.

We can help you reduce your time & costs!

Our team of experts shall be glad to engage with you, understand your requirement and recommend the right USB3.0 camera, USB2.0 camera, or MIPI camera for your vision requirements.

We also offer customization services to tailor our cameras to suit the unique requirements of each solution.

Industrial IoT

With Vadzo Cameras, you can implement smart industrial automation that gets the best return on investment.  

Medical & Life science 

Vadzo cameras help with building compact high performance image processing solutions in Medical and Life Science.

Retail IoT

With Vadzo Cameras, you can develop high-performance, cost-effective solutions to improve customer experience and increase profitability.

Asset Management

Vadzo offers reliable vision applications that deliver the highest performance to cost ratio for asset and fleet management applications.

Biometric Access Control

Vadzo’s portfolio of specialised cameras ensures high quality images for reliable biometrics. 

Kiosks & Digital Signages

Kiosks & Signages – running on any OS – can benefit from Vadzo’s high-performance cameras.

Smart Cities

In smart cities, Vadzo cameras monitor, automate, optimize, and facilitate services.